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Referral Addiction Assessment And Intervention Assistance

Cocaine Addicts

My brother and sister are cocaine addicts. Is there a program I can send them both to that will help them get past this before its to late?


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Addiction Intervention

Addiction Intervention Drug Rehab Referral

12 Steps To Recovery

I've been working with the 12 steps to recovery for years and I'm tired of thinking and knowing I'll always be addicted. Isn't there something out there that can help me solve this addiction? I don't want to live this way any more.

Alcohol Rehab Minnesota

Is there an alcohol rehab Minnesota I can go to for help? I can't stop on my own and I need help. I think I might die soon if I keep drinking.

Marijuana Addiction Physical

Is marijuana addiction physical or mental or both? I can't stop smoking and I need help!

Pain Killer Vicodin

How can I get my sister to stop taking the pain killer vicodin? She started taking it at school when she got hurt in gym and now she is buying it on the street.

Twelve Steps Program

Can you please help me find a twelve steps program for my father? He needs help now.

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